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Liner Notes

Label: The Valory Music Co., LLC

Release Date: Jan 1, 2015

Writer: Ashley Gorley

Writer: Luke Laird

Writer: Shane McAnally

Producer: Dann Huff

Producer: Jesse Frasure

Mastered: Adam Ayan

Edited: David Huff

Assistant Mix: Drew Bollman

Recording Engineer: Jesse Frasure

Mixed: Justin Niebank

Recording Engineer: Russell Terrell

Edited: Sean Neff

Recording Engineer: Seth Morton

Recording Engineer: Shawn Daugherty

Recording Engineer: Steve Marcantonio

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USLXJ1507315

Monthly Stats

Times played: 999,427

Total Stats

Times played: 210,972,662

Tiktok views: 2,266,219

Last update: Apr 3, 2024