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Liner Notes

Label: Digital Distribution Trinidad and Tobago

Release Date: Oct 6, 2017

Writer: Ashley Gorley

Writer: Dallas Davidson

Writer: Luke Bryan

Producer: Jeff Stevens

Producer: Jody Stevens

Producer: Scott Johnson

Acoustic Guitar: Danny Rader

Banjo: Danny Rader

Bouzouki: Danny Rader

Mandolin: Danny Rader

Resonator Guitar: Danny Rader

Tres: Danny Rader

Background Vocals: Emily Weisband

Drums: Greg Morrow

Percussion: Greg Morrow

Electric Guitar: JT Corenflos

Bass: Jimmie Lee Sloas

Electric Guitar: Jody Stevens

Programming: Jody Stevens

Electric Guitar: Kenny Greenberg

Slide Guitar: Kenny Greenberg

Electric Organ: Mike Rojas

Fender Rhodes: Mike Rojas

Keyboards: Mike Rojas

Mellotron: Mike Rojas

Piano: Mike Rojas

Synthesizer: Mike Rojas

Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Mike Rojas

Background Vocals: Perry Coleman

Mastered: Adam Ayan

Mixed: Chris Small

Recording Engineer: Chris Small

Mixed: Derek Bason

Recording Engineer: Derek Bason

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USUM71710648

Monthly Stats

Times played: 485,591

Total Stats

Times played: 91,646,325

Tiktok views: 10,715,350

Last update: Apr 3, 2024