Between The River And Me

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Between The River And Me

I was 15 when my daddy died, mama worked 2 jobs just to get by Seemed like a blessin' when Harley came around, so she took his name but I had my doubts. Didn't take long for his drinkin' ways to start showin up on mama's face One violent night hidin' under my bed swore that he wouldn't see another sunset. The next day I followed him down to the river bank I knew one of us, wouldn't walk away. I might of had a plan but he didn't know it I might have been scared but I didn't show it That's all between the river and me With the current and the rocks, coulda been risky Might of been sober but I brought the whiskey Thats all between the river and me. I walked up to him and I said his name, just so he could see the look on my face We stood eye to eye and toe to toe, when I told him that he wasn't gonna come back home He raised his fist to me but I didn't flinch, I said, "I ain't your son, you son-of-a-bitch!" I might of had a knife in my back pocket, might of pulled it out before he saw it Thats all between the river and me I might of had a gun but I didn't fire it, He might of tried to yell but I kept him quiet Thats all between the river and me Thats all between the river and me Sheriff came knockin' on our front door, said they found his body by the reservoir "Bottle in his shirt and liquor in his blood, must of fallen in the river and he never came up." Might of been blood but they never saw it, just a little mud on the living room carpet Thats all between the river and me After what he done, well there ain't no wonder, can't remember how long I held him under Thats all between the river and me Thats all between the river and me Yea, Thats all between the river and me Thats all, Thats all.

Liner Notes

Label: Curb Records

Release Date: Mar 27, 2007

Writer: Brad Warren

Writer: Brett Beavers

Writer: Brett Warren

Producer: Byron Gallimore

Producer: Darran Smith

Producer: Tim McGraw

Backing Band: Billy Mason

Drums: Billy Mason

Acoustic Guitar: Bob Minner

Backing Band: Bob Minner

Backing Band: Darran Smith

Electric Guitar: Darran Smith

Backing Band: David Dunkley

Percussion: David Dunkley

Backing Band: Dean Brown

Fiddle: Dean Brown

Mandolin: Dean Brown

Backing Band: Denny Hemingson

Electric Guitar: Denny Hemingson

Steel Guitar: Denny Hemingson

Background Vocals: Greg Barnhill

Backing Band: Jeff McMahon

Electric Piano: Jeff McMahon

Hammond B3 Organ: Jeff McMahon

Piano: Jeff McMahon

Synthesizer: Jeff McMahon

Backing Band: John Marcus

Bass: John Marcus

Backing Band: The Dancehall Doctors

Engineer: Adam Ayan

Mixed: Byron Gallimore

Assistant Engineer: David Bryant

Assistant Engineer: David Robinson

Assistant Mix: Erik Lutkins

Recording Engineer: Erik Lutkins

Recording Engineer: Heath Stimmel

Recording Engineer: Jason Gantt

Recording Engineer: Jed Hackett

Assistant Mix: Jesse Chrisman

Recording Engineer: Jesse Chrisman

Assistant Engineer: John Netti

Engineer: Julian King

Assistant Engineer: Lowell Reynolds

Assistant Mix: Sara Lesher

Recording Engineer: Sara Lesher

Mixed: Tim McGraw

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USCRB0707123

Monthly Stats

Times played: 6,091

Total Stats

Times played: 726,357

Tiktok views: 18,462

Last update: Apr 17, 2024