Battle Upon the Arctic Plains

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Battle Upon the Arctic Plains

Winds gust across the plains Battle cats and wolves remain In their battle formations We'll bring them hell They pace back and forth They blow the ancient Horns of obliteration A thousand blades unsheathed Behold, the battle upon arctic plains We traversed north for countless days We fight with fire blades Swing wild, let's slay Tusked beasts that shake the ground We'll slice them down After defeating waves Of their beast hordes It beams across the sky Their end is near Behold... the lights of the northern realm Behold, a battle in a frozen hell We traversed north for countless days Their bodies shatter in a burst of glory and shame The story of their death in the sky will remain

Liner Notes


Release Date: Jan 1, 2009

Producer: Jeremiah Scott

Background Vocals: Adam Phillips

Bass: Adam Phillips

Drums: Andrew Core

Background Vocals: Brian Shorter

Keyboards: Brian Shorter

Vocals: Bryan Kemp

Background Vocals: Chris Dauphin

Keyboards: Chris Dauphin

Orchestra: Chris Dauphin

Lead Guitar: Jeremiah Scott

Vocals: Jeremiah Scott

Background Vocals: Way Barrier

Guitar: Way Barrier

Engineer: Jeremiah Scott

Mixed: Jeremiah Scott

Mastered: Nick Zampiello

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USTC60861252

Monthly Stats

Times played: 420

Total Stats

Times played: 40,970

Last update: Jan 26, 2024