Realm of Ancient Shadows

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Realm of Ancient Shadows

Behold, I seek the entrance to a kingdom I paid my dues now open for me I survived an age where the gods drowned Man for their own selfish needs When the water touched the sky the gods all laughed at their last surprise hysteria when the creatures of the deep... released Within the realm of ancient shadows we will finally meet kingdom of the dark, kingdom of the dead We can hardly see the light caught between death and life We can hardly see Behold, I watched him as the water filled his lungs, life starting to seep I looked him in the eyes as his massive arms gave, clenched between the teeth Ripped in half before my eyes This strangers life prevented my eyes It delayed the beast... for me

Liner Notes


Release Date: Jan 1, 2009

Producer: Jeremiah Scott

Background Vocals: Adam Phillips

Bass: Adam Phillips

Drums: Andrew Core

Background Vocals: Brian Shorter

Keyboards: Brian Shorter

Vocals: Bryan Kemp

Background Vocals: Chris Dauphin

Keyboards: Chris Dauphin

Orchestra: Chris Dauphin

Lead Guitar: Jeremiah Scott

Vocals: Jeremiah Scott

Background Vocals: Way Barrier

Guitar: Way Barrier

Engineer: Jeremiah Scott

Mixed: Jeremiah Scott

Mastered: Nick Zampiello

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USTC60861267

Monthly Stats

Times played: 1,540

Total Stats

Times played: 55,357

Last update: Jun 29, 2024