Texas On My Mind

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Texas On My Mind

Django Walker I woke up this morning, Texas on my mind Thinking about my friends, and a girl I left behind The way she held me when we kissed, the loving we've done And how I left her waving goodbye, standing in a Texas sun Chorus: I've got half a mind to call her, half a mind to go Jump a big jet liner and wing it on my way back home And all the morning it was raining on the streets of Liverpool So I stayed in and played guitar and sang the lovesick blues My mind kept going back in time when we both had fun And how I left her waving goodbye, standing in a Texas sun Chorus In my dreams she's still in love with me But I'd have to travel home to see If she's found another man to take the place of me Guess I'll have to keep on dreaming sunny memories Wishing I was back there doesn't help me much at all When I want to hold her, it doesn't help much to call Stuck here in this seaport town longing for the one That I left behind me there, standing in a Texas sun Chorus x2

Liner Notes

Label: Tried & True Music

Release Date: Jul 6, 2006

ISRC: USPBR0502629

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