All Of A Sudden

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All Of A Sudden

I'm like a wave out on the ocean. Come and going with the tide. No idea where I'm heading Or direction to my life My home is on the highway And my family is on the stage That's all I ever wanted until I saw your face I'm only here today just passing through Must have been a miracle that I found you Its only been a minute but I already know All of a sudden I loved you so All of a sudden I loved you so The room stands still around me Like I'm frozen here in time Your soul looks so familiar Just like its part of Gods design Its like the words were written for us Before we even speak And every step was ordered Before we walked into this scene I thought my life was headed down a different road The lesson that I learned is that you never know My life started over when we said hello All of a sudden I loved you so It feels like the first time Just like the last time We ever felt this way Where we can start a family Or maybe, maybe that can wait for a little while Have some fun first I won't lie sometimes I worry that we will stand the test of time But its 12 years later and we are on our way Four little babies with our last name Everytime you smile takes me right back to hello All of a sudden I loved you so After all of these years All of a sudden I loved you so

Liner Notes

Label: Concord Records

Release Date: Jan 1, 2013

Writer: Andrew Ramsey

Writer: Jonny Lang

Writer: Shannon Sanders

Executive Producer: Joel Mott

Executive Producer: Jonny Lang

Producer: Jonny Lang

Executive Producer: Pam Sixfin

Conductor: Philip Lassiter

Producer: Tommy Sims

Rhythm Guitar: Akil Thompson

Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Ramsey

Background Vocals: Andrew Ramsey

Rhythm Guitar: Andrew Ramsey

Drums: Barry Alexander

Background Vocals: Bekka Bramlett

Rhythm Guitar: Chris Bruce

Keyboards: Dwan Hill

Piano: Dwan Hill

Background Vocals: Gene Miller

Background Vocals: Jackie Wilson

Background Vocals: Jason Eskridge

Banjo: Jason Roller

Mandolin: Jason Roller

Percussion: Javier Solis

Bass: Jim Anton

Lead Guitar: Jonny Lang

Lead Vocals: Jonny Lang

Rhythm Guitar: Jonny Lang

Hammond B3 Organ: Marc Q. Harris

Background Vocals: Melissa Hale

Background Vocals: Michael Hicks

Background Vocals: Nikki Leonti

Synthesizer: Philip Lassiter

Background Vocals: Shannon Sanders

Piano: Shannon Sanders

Synthesizer: Shannon Sanders

Background Vocals: Tiffany Palmer

Background Vocals: Tommy Sims

Bass: Tommy Sims

Piano: Tommy Sims

Rhythm Guitar: Tommy Sims

Mastered: Chris Gehringer

Engineer: Danny Duncan

Engineer: Dennis Dodd

Assistant Mix: Erik "Keller" Jahner

Mixed: F. Reid Shippen

Engineer: James Waddell

Engineer: Jeremy Hunter

Mixed: Jonny Lang

Assistant Engineer: Jordan Griffin

Assistant Mix: Paul Cossette

Assistant Engineer: Sadaharu Yagi

Assistant Engineer: Travis Brigman

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USC4R1301786

Total Stats

Times played: 211,841

Last update: May 6, 2024