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Liner Notes

Label: Concord Records

Release Date: Sep 8, 2017

Writer: Andrew Ramsey

Writer: Dennis Dodd

Writer: Jon Langseth

Writer: Shannon Sanders

Producer: Andrew Ramsey

Producer: Jonny Lang

Producer: Shannon Sanders

Background Vocals: Andrew Ramsey

Guitar: Andrew Ramsey

Drums: Barry Alexander

Background Vocals: Debi Selby

Keyboards: Dwan Hill

Background Vocals: Jason Eskridge

Bass: Jim Anton

Guitar: Jonny Lang

Background Vocals: Nickie Conley

Background Vocals: Shannon Sanders

Keyboards: Shannon Sanders

Engineer: Bil Lane

Mastered: Kevin Gray

Engineer: Marcel Fernandez

Recording Engineer: Matt Hyde

Mastered: Tom Baker

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USC4R1706051

Monthly Stats

Times played: 1,103

Total Stats

Times played: 180,271

Last update: Feb 25, 2024