Nearing Home

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Nearing Home

The Lord had a plan For a Carolina man To share the gospel truth throughout the land His hardest sacrifice Is leaving kids and wife in the safety of The Father's loving hands From sea to shining sea They'd come to hear him preach, And see him walk the walk of which he'd speak At the end of each crusade His thoughts would drift away Up that winding mountain road to family He's nearing home, Nearing home, Nearing home ♪ Princes and kings, They came from miles to seek him To hear the wisdom of the word of God People far and wide Were born into new life when he proclaimed the simple story of the cross ♪ His wife of sixty years She's no longer here He's weary and his eyes are growing dim Time has taken it's toll On his body, but his soul Is stronger now Than it's ever been He's nearing home, Nearing home, Nearing home He's nearing home, Nearing home, Nearing home It's the end of this crusade, He'll soon be on his way He's nearing home, Nearing home

Liner Notes

Label: Curb Records

Release Date: Aug 19, 2014

ISRC: USCRB1310892

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Times played: 1,742

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Times played: 278,414

Last update: Jun 17, 2024