Rare Bird

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Rare Bird

You wrap my heart up in a satin silhouette You whisper words I never heard and won't forget Your kiss, it tastes like nothing else No, nothing else I've ever known You show me colors bright as neon and You write my name in lights You pick me up, drive me around to the edge of town And we get high You fly right off the screen, like a technicolor John Wayne And you take me home ♪ You're a rare bird, baby You're a rare bird, ain't you, baby? Your song of summer owns the frequencies That cut right through my soul Your poetry and whiskey on the rocks The first shot, I was sold I wanna wear your arms around me Like a chain of gold You're a rare bird, baby You're a rare bird, ain't you, baby? You're a rare bird, baby, ah yeah ♪ You're a rare bird, baby You're a rare bird, ain't you, baby? Yeah Woah, you're a rare bird Like nothing on this earth Like nothing I've ever heard Baby, you're a rare bird Just wanna lock you in a cage Don't wanna let you get away Oh, you're a rare bird, ain't you, baby? Oh, oh, oh, yeah, ain't you, baby? (Rare bird) Ooh Ain't you, baby? Yeah, mmm

Liner Notes

Label: Monument Records

Release Date: Mar 13, 2020

Writer: Ben West

Writer: Caitlyn Smith

Writer: Jon Randall

Producer: Paul Moak

Drums: Aaron Sterling

Percussion: Aaron Sterling

Acoustic Guitar: Caitlyn Smith

Background Vocals: Caitlyn Smith

Electric Guitar: Caitlyn Smith

Lead Vocals: Caitlyn Smith

Piano: Caitlyn Smith

Electric Piano: Charlie Lowell

Fender Rhodes: Charlie Lowell

Keyboards: Charlie Lowell

Mellotron: Charlie Lowell

Musical Box: Charlie Lowell

Organ: Charlie Lowell

Piano: Charlie Lowell

Wurlitzer Electric Piano: Charlie Lowell

Acoustic Guitar: Christian Langdon

Background Vocals: Christian Langdon

Bass: Christian Langdon

Bass Synthesizer: Christian Langdon

Cello: Christian Langdon

Electric Guitar: Christian Langdon

Keyboards: Christian Langdon

Organ: Christian Langdon

Percussion: Christian Langdon

Piano: Christian Langdon

Programming: Christian Langdon

Synthesizer: Christian Langdon

Acoustic Guitar: Joel Shearer

Banjo: Joel Shearer

Electric Guitar: Joel Shearer

Ukulele: Joel Shearer

Vibraphone: Joel Shearer

Acoustic Guitar: Paul Moak

Background Vocals: Paul Moak

Baritone Guitar: Paul Moak

Electric Guitar: Paul Moak

Synthesizer: Paul Moak

Bass: Tony Lucido

Background Vocals: Tyler Burkum

Electric Guitar: Tyler Burkum

Slide Guitar: Tyler Burkum

Mastered: Bernie Grundman

Recording Engineer: Zack Zinck

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: QZ6U91900042

Monthly Stats

Times played: 6,198

Total Stats

Times played: 379,588

Tiktok views: 3,639

Last update: May 6, 2024