Incredible Machine (Interlude)

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Incredible Machine (Interlude)

A heart that beats An incredible machine Made of blood and love And hope and lust and steam Calling Calling Calling Calling Calling Calling Calling

Liner Notes

Label: Mercury Nashville

Release Date: Jan 1, 2010

Writer: Kristian Bush

Writer: Shy Carter

Producer: Byron Gallimore

Producer: Jennifer Nettles

Producer: Kristian Bush

Piano: Brandon Bush

Electric Guitar: Kristian Bush

Vocals: Kristian Bush

Engineer: Andrew Schubert

Engineer: Brad Townsend

Recording Engineer: CJ Ridings

Mixed: Chris Lord-Alge

Recording Engineer: Erik Lutkins

Assistant Mix: Keith Armstrong

Assistant Mix: Nik Karpen

Recording Engineer: Sara Lesher

Recording Engineer: Steve Morrison

Mastered: Ted Jensen

Recording Engineer: Tom Tapley

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USUM71019432

Monthly Stats

Times played: 1,722

Total Stats

Times played: 621,494

Last update: May 15, 2024