Take Me As I Am

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Take Me As I Am

Radiator says 95 But I ain't felt a drop of heat all night Here in this motel There's no telling me nothin' I come here 5 nights a week To clean the toilets and change these sheets My name's Maggie Duran Baby ain't that somethin' Chorus If you want it Come and get it If you want it Come and get it You'll understand You take me as I am I know these corners I know these streets The curbside prophets They're yelling at me He saved my soul For a drink and a dollar They keep staring at my tattoos We all live with the scars we choose They may hurt like hell But they all make us stronger Chorus Slow to trust But I'm quick to love Push too hard And I feel too much I can't say that I'm perfect But I promise I'm worth it Now I'm telling each one of you Tell me boy what you gonna do My name's Maggie Duran Baby ain't that somethin' Chorus to end

Liner Notes

Label: Mercury Nashville

Release Date: Jul 22, 2008

Writer: Jeff Cohen

Writer: Jennifer Nettles

Writer: Kristian Bush

Producer: Byron Gallimore

Producer: Jennifer Nettles

Producer: Kristian Bush

Background Vocals: Annie Clements

Hammond B3 Organ: Brandon Bush

Electric Guitar: Dan Dugmore

Steel Guitar: Dan Dugmore

Drums: Greg Morrow

Percussion: Greg Morrow

Vocals: Jennifer Nettles

Acoustic Guitar: Kristian Bush

Background Vocals: Kristian Bush

Electric Guitar: Michael Landau

Bass: Paul Bushnell

Mastered: Adam Ayan

Recording Engineer: Darren Tablan

Recording Engineer: Erik Lutkins

Mixed: Kevin Killen

Recording Engineer: Sara Lesher

Recording Engineer: Tom Tapley

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USUM70818328

Monthly Stats

Times played: 5,998

Total Stats

Times played: 1,417,392

Tiktok views: 48,847

Last update: Jun 18, 2024