The Lights of Vegas

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The Lights of Vegas

The desert's dry and the wind feels cold The wheels that you ride do what they're told And all the love you left behind Is just a shadow in your mind On the horizon You see it shining neon rising The lights of Vegas will save us Will save us The lights of Vegas will save us Will save us When your on your last dollar You still got a chance Before the sun rises You get one last dance Close your eyes You're a good luck charm Feel the weight Pull the arm Those who leave us Don't believe us If they could see us now Step out on the wire Swallow the fire Velvet Martyr For your walls Plastic cameras flash around us Do you have faith? Do you believe at all?

Liner Notes

Label: Black Wolf

Release Date: Jan 12, 2010

ISRC: USGCV0990105

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Times played: 73

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Times played: 14,464

Last update: Jun 16, 2024