What I'd Give

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What I'd Give

What I'd give to bring you flowers What I'd give to get you alone What I'd give to bring a smile across your face What I'd give to take you home What I'd give to make you coffee Find out how you like your eggs Wrapped around you in the morning A tangled lace of arms and legs Chorus: What I'd give to let you love me Find out everything that brings you joy Wake up to your face above me I'd be that girl and you could be that boy Find out what that feeling is Oh, what I'd give What I'd give to take you dancing What I'd give to make you mine If you've got questions, I got answers And my answer's "yes" to you every time What I'd give for just one minute What I'd give to count all the ways If your heart was dark with nothin' in it I'd give you mine and take your place Repeat Chorus Oooh, what I'd give

Liner Notes

Label: Mercury Nashville

Release Date: Jul 22, 2008

Writer: Clayton Mitchell

Writer: Jennifer Nettles

Writer: Kristian Bush

Producer: Byron Gallimore

Producer: Jennifer Nettles

Producer: Kristian Bush

Hammond B3 Organ: Brandon Bush

Acoustic Guitar: Dan Dugmore

Percussion: Jennifer Nettles

Vocals: Jennifer Nettles

Mandolin: Kristian Bush

Electric Guitar: Michael Landau

Twelve-String Guitar: Michael Landau

Bass: Paul Bushnell

Drums: Shannon Forrest

Percussion: Shannon Forrest

Mastered: Adam Ayan

Recording Engineer: Darren Tablan

Recording Engineer: Erik Lutkins

Mixed: Kevin Killen

Recording Engineer: Sara Lesher

Recording Engineer: Tom Tapley

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USUM70818329

Monthly Stats

Times played: 6,714

Total Stats

Times played: 1,721,174

Last update: Jun 17, 2024