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Sunset's fadein' to a dark sky Supposed to be in the 80's all night Stay hot never cool off Ya ain't gotta put on much baby Tshirt and cut off's and maybe your Braves cap hair pulled back Thank God this week is through Can't wait to see you Down on the blacktop Out in the neon A mile long of headlights taillights and radios Circle a couple times Wear out the white (broken) lines Head to the parking lot of the texaco I can't wait to kiss you under the bright lights Show you off to everyone passing by Down on the blacktop Hit all the street light parties 808 shaking that concrete Lovin' how you're movin' You let me know you're into me Yeah that's where I wanna be We'll be the only high we're on Yeah take it in And burn it up till dawn

Liner Notes

Label: Lawrence Music Group

Release Date: Jan 1, 2012

ISRC: QMWRF1200305

Monthly Stats

Times played: 1,202

Total Stats

Times played: 511,392

Tiktok views: 58,310

Last update: Feb 19, 2024