Contact High

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Contact High

I had no idea That you would be here As you smile from the corner And raise up your beer And then you touch my hand When you walked by And I get a contact high This ain't no crazy part No, it ain't no bar room Hell the only thing smoking In this place is you That dress is on fire girl When I look in your eyes Oh I get a contact high What you doing baby Being here in this room So damn frustrating That I can't hold you And it's driving me crazy That I can smell you perfume And it goes to my head I take a deep breath and I hold it Now the whole world is hazy And I'm dazed and confused Thing is I ain't touched nothin' Nothin' but you And that's even just barely We've been laughing and talking all night Oh baby Being here in this room It's driving me crazy Not holdin', not holdin' you It's just conversation The second-hand perfume But it goes to my head And I take a deep breath And I hold it Oh I get a contact high Get a contact high

Liner Notes

Label: Arista Nashville

Release Date: Apr 21, 2017

Writer: Brad Paisley

Producer: Brad Paisley

Executive Producer: Kendal Marcy

Producer: Luke Wooten

Mastered: Bob Ludwig

Recording Engineer: Kendal Marcy

Recording Engineer: Luke Wooten

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USAN21600060

Monthly Stats

Times played: 4,233

Total Stats

Times played: 1,562,113

Last update: Jun 18, 2024