Death of a Single Man

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Death of a Single Man

Remember when we got the news Confirming our worst fears I said he wouldn't make it six months And others gave him a year And sure enough last Saturday We paid our last respects He left us here still in this life And he's gone on to the next I'd never seen him wear a tie But he looked so natural, almost lifelike The preacher spoke, his mother cried When he said "Son, you may now kiss the bride" Everyone cheered, I thought how odd I didn't understand Why with champagne and cake we celebrate The death of a single man So many flowers, he was so loved Prior to the bride As a matter of fact The maid of honor should be disqualified To all his friends, it's a wake-up call If it happened to him It can happen to us all Nothing says it's over man Like a bad 80's cover band How can we dance to My Sharona At the death of a single man He was so young So full of dreams Before the day he fell Now he's gone on to a better place Or possibly to hell Now here we are, seems so unfair It's poker night and there's one empty chair So many things we're gonna miss His happy smile and that great laugh of his I think of him in the afterwife, life I guess all good things must end So with Jack and Coke, we'll make a toast To the death of a single man

Liner Notes

Label: Arista Nashville

Release Date: Apr 9, 2013

Writer: Brad Paisley

Writer: Kelley Lovelace

Writer: Lee Thomas Miller

Executive Producer: Chris DuBois

Associate Producer: Kendal Marcy

Additional Production: Neal Cappellino

Drums: Ben Sesar

Acoustic Guitar: Brad Paisley

Background Vocals: Brad Paisley

Banjo: Brad Paisley

Electric Guitar: Brad Paisley

Mandolin: Brad Paisley

Programming: Brad Paisley

Acoustic Guitar: Gary Hooker

Bass: Gary Hooker

Electric Guitar: Gary Hooker

Cello: Justin Williamson

Fiddle: Justin Williamson

Mandolin: Justin Williamson

Viola: Justin Williamson

Background Vocals: Kendal Marcy

Banjo: Kendal Marcy

Keyboards: Kendal Marcy

Organ: Kendal Marcy

Percussion: Kendal Marcy

Piano: Kendal Marcy

Programming: Kendal Marcy

Background Vocals: Kenny Lewis

Bass: Kenny Lewis

Dobro: Randle Currie

Pedal Steel Guitar: Randle Currie

Chorus: The Brentwood Baptist Worship Choir

Mastered: Bob Ludwig

Tracking: Brian David Willis

Engineer: Chris DuBois

Engineer: Chris Meece

Technician: Dave Rouze

Engineer: Kelley Lovelace

Tracking: Kendal Marcy

Mixed: Kyle Manner

Engineer: Lee Thomas Miller

Mixed: Luke Wooten

Engineer: Marcus Johnson

Engineer: Marten Aston

Recording Engineer: Neal Cappellino

Tracking: Neal Cappellino

Tracking: Richard Barrow

Engineer: Steve Rusch

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USAN21200053

Monthly Stats

Times played: 2,140

Total Stats

Times played: 980,211

Last update: May 23, 2024