Exploring the Cityscape of Emotions: ‘Lima’ by Malen

Sometimes, a song is more than just words set to a melody. It’s a journey, a confession, or perhaps a secret shared between the artist and the listener. In the case of ‘Lima’ by Malen, it’s a labyrinth of emotions whispering through the streets, the heartache, and the exhilaration of an entire city.

The lyrics of ‘Lima’ encapsulates the spirit of a metropolitan love story, like most of Malen’s work. Hoy no vamos a hacer nada, we are not going to do anything today—the repetition indicates a languid day unfolding in a bustling city, perhaps hinting at a need for a break from routine. The subsequent lines talk about silence, time, and introspection.

On another level, the lyrics also hints towards a denouncement of external bystanders—No importa lo que digan, a stance rarely taken in the genre. It’s a pseudo-defiant call to prioritize personal understanding over societal gaze, capped with a declaration of love fronted by the recurring phrase yo te explico porque, I explain it to you because.

In the midst of this urban sentimentality lies the beating heart of the song—the city of Lima. Where does Lima fit, you ask? It is revealed not so much as a geographical location, but an emotional space. Lo digo por Lima, the lyrics repeat, every instance of desire and experience voiced not just for oneself, but for the city. The city becomes both an observer and a part of the journey shared by Malen.

There’s a sense of self-awareness and indulgence presented via ‘Todo lo que quiero’—all that I want, it’s realized, declared, and pursued with each unfolding verse. It’s an exquisite confession that shows Malen as a fearless dreamer exploring the horizon of personal desires while staying anchored to Lima.

Released under the label Malelandia, ‘Lima’ is a lyrical exploration of love, resilience, and identity within the limitless canvas of a cityscape. It’s no surprise that Malen’s artistry evokes such vivid imagery and elicits such depth of feeling from hummable, catchy lines—it’s a testament to the skill of the songwriter that even in its simplicity, ‘Lima’ packs quite a punch. In essence, Malen has created a lyrical love-letter not just to a city, but to the complicated, mesmerizing experience of life unfolding within it.

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