Hurry! Lets Go’s Luminous Journey in “Neon Lights”

Ethereal and introspective, Hurry! Lets Go’s “Neon Lights” from the album ‘As Silhouettes Fade’ is an evocative journey into the world of dreams, memories, and yearning. With lyrics penned by the trio Alan Muther, Pete Schilling, and Kevin Bressler, the track is a captivating blend of poetic narrative and electro pop sensibilities, weaving a tale of nights illuminated by both celestial bodies and human-made luminescence.

The song kicks off with an insomniac lament – the inability to sleep because of stars that “shine way too bright.” It’s a poignant juxtaposition that hints at the overwhelming nature of reality and a longing for the solace of a dreamland with “no questions left, just pearl white sand.” This initial verse sets the tone, leading the listener into the heart of the song’s luminous world, where neon lights pervade the atmosphere, and memories of the past persist.

A recurring theme within the track is the reflection on the past and uncertainty about the future. The chorus echoes this sentiment with its questioning repetition, “Don’t you know, if this gonna last? Don’t you know, what happens in the past?” These lines, in their simplicity, highlight the universal human anxiety about the ephemeral nature of time and experiences.

Yet, amid the introspection, there’s also a palpable sense of journey and adventure. “And we walk two thousand miles” speaks of a shared path, perhaps with a loved one, and there’s no urgency — “I’m not in a rush, there’s no denial.” This journey’s purpose? To share the brilliance of the world, both its literal and metaphorical “neon lights.”

By the song’s climax, it’s clear that the ‘neon lights’ also symbolize the radiance of a cherished relationship, a beacon that can brighten even the darkest of nights. “You make my day bright with these lights” stands as a testament to love’s illuminating power.

In its essence, “Neon Lights” is a luminous tribute to the wonders of the night, the memories we hold dear, and the relationships that light our path. A shining addition to the electro pop universe.