On The Outside’s “Take it or Leave it”: A Celebration of Authentic Beauty and Love

In a world often masked with pretense, On The Outside’s “Take it or Leave it,” penned by Andrew Bloom, Devin Hayes, and Jimmy Robbins, offers a refreshing narrative on authenticity and adoration. Released by The Frequency Music LLC / Mailbox Money Records, the track is a blend of pop and country elements, rooted deeply in Nashville’s rich musical soil.

The song opens with a vivid scene-setting verse, “Every room we walk in, Every eye, every eye, moves to her,” immediately pulling listeners into a story of captivating charm. The lyrics paint a picture of a woman who is not just the center of attention but also exudes a natural, timeless allure. The imagery of a “needle dropping on a 45” evokes a sense of nostalgia, cleverly blending the old with the new.

Central to the song’s theme is the celebration of unfiltered self-expression. Lines like “Ain’t hiding her imperfections or sanding down her rough edges” serve as an anthem for genuine beauty. It’s a recognition of the allure in being unapologetically oneself, a message that resonates powerfully in today’s polished world.

The chorus, catchy and emotive, underscores the message of taking someone as they are — “Take it or leave it what you get is what you’re seeing she’s just being who she wants to be.” It’s a powerful statement about acceptance and the beauty in embracing someone’s true self.

Moreover, the bridge “She’s taking my heart, leaving her mark on me” encapsulates the impact of a profound love, one that is transformative and lasting. This emotional depth adds another layer to the song, making it not just an ode to a remarkable woman but also a testament to the power of love’s influence.

Currently touring across southern states, performing at a series of Tin Roof venues, On The Outside is bringing this song to life on stage, transcending their enviable social media following (5.6 Million TikTok followers). The blend of pop and country, combined with relatable lyrics and a celebration of authenticity, makes “Take it or Leave it” a relatable anthem. It’s a song that doesn’t just narrate a story but invites listeners to embrace their own stories of love and self-acceptance.


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