Sunny Riot

A childhood shrouded in mental illness. An adolescence of drug abuse. Young adulthood consumed by football hooliganism. And eventually all of it leading to homelessness and self-harm. Somewhere around the 15th or 16th arrest no one would have bet on Sunny Riot turning his life around. 
 But from rock bottom, the politically charged (and now sober) artist is finally releasing his first solo music - an absorbing mix of social commentary and self-reflection set to diamond-sharp pop. 
 Influenced by T.Rex, Bowie, George Michael and The Cure, (as well as friend and schoolmate, Amy Winehouse), Sunny supported himself by touring internationally as a roadie with Dido, Orbital, Billy Bragg, Dandy Warhols and Fun Lovin’ Criminals. A born performer, his natural charisma helped him earn the chance to play on stages around the world, including Glastonbury Festival. Always losing himself to his demons however, every promising start collapsed until finally he ended up locked in a mental institution. With willpower, Sunny entered rehab in London and eventually landed in the hopeful sunshine of California. 
 Months of couch surfing later, Sunny’s wild and infectious personality had him ingrained in Hollywood, gaining the respect of noted actors, musicians and filmmakers. 
 His love of performing never waned, so alongside producer/collaborator Ruffian, he began working on new songs that take an exposing and penetrating look into both the state of modern life and his personal struggles.


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