Let It Rain

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Let It Rain

A storm on the horizon weather's coming in Smell of the rain takes me back again To a morning just like this clouds filled the sky And everytime I I think about that day I said goodbye [Chorus] My heart beats like thunder as I call out your name And all my tears start falling down like the rain So let it rain let it rain I remember back in college you loved these kind of days When we'd run off to your apartment and hide away We'd talk about forever and how we'd share our lives It never crossed my mind I'd be without you here tonight [Chorus] I'm not afraid of dying it's something we all do But I'm scared to death of living the rest of my life without you [Chorus]

Liner Notes

Label: Arista Nashville

Release Date: Feb 6, 2007

Writer: Jason Michael Carroll

Writer: Terry McBride

Writer: Tommy Lee James

Producer: Don Gehman

String Arrangement: Jonathan Yudkin

Producer: Judy Forde-Blair

Bass: Alison Prestwood

Acoustic Guitar: Biff Watson

Percussion: Billy Hawn

Steel Guitar: Dan Dugmore

Drums: Greg Morrow

Background Vocals: Herb Pedersen

Electric Guitar: JT Corenflos

Keyboards: John Hobbs

Music Director: John Hobbs

Organ: John Hobbs

Piano: John Hobbs

Background Vocals: John Wesley Ryles

Banjo: Jonathan Yudkin

Mandolin: Jonathan Yudkin

Fiddle: Larry Franklin

Mandolin: Larry Franklin

Bass: Michael Rhodes

Steel Guitar: Mike Daly

Keyboards: Mike Rojas

Organ: Mike Rojas

Piano: Mike Rojas

Background Vocals: Perry Coleman

Background Vocals: Wes Hightower

Mastered: Bob Ludwig

Mixed: Don Gehman

Recording Engineer: John Stinson

Recording Engineer: Lowell Reynolds

Mixed: Mark Dearnley

Recording Engineer: Mark Dearnley

Recording Engineer: Steve Crowder

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USAN20600016

Monthly Stats

Times played: 1,673

Total Stats

Times played: 334,778

Tiktok views: 11,839

Last update: Apr 8, 2024