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Tank top, love handles Tube socks, Jesus sandals Cheap blender, ice bucket Raw oysters, yeah, give me one and shuck it Holds up a frozen orange daiquiri and laughs Here's to the boys at the factory No more building transmissions He's going deep sea fishing Catch a marlin, catch a tan Catch a local cover band Hey, you gotta watch that man He'll go coastal on ya Silver hair, silver Buick Winter's coming, better move it Southbound 'fore they get snowed under Call the kids, tell 'em see you next summer No more freezing their tails off It's cataract sunglasses and a round of golf Red skin, green plaid, margarita, dog track Before you know it Mom and Dad They'll go coastal on ya Sounds so good, got me thinking What do y'all say after I'm done singing We just take a little getaway Cruise it down the A1A Florabama to the Keys Better keep your eye on me I'll go coastal on ya I'll go coastal on ya, yeah, yeah Yeah, I'll go coastal on ya

Liner Notes

Label: BNA Records Label

Release Date: Sep 28, 2010

Producer: Buddy Cannon

Co-Producer: Justin Luffman

Executive Producer: Kenny Chesney

Producer: Kenny Chesney

Co-Producer: Maurice Miner

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USBN11000028

Monthly Stats

Times played: 143,283

Total Stats

Times played: 11,163,957

Tiktok views: 216,020

Last update: Apr 16, 2024