Makes Me Wonder

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Makes Me Wonder

Stepped off the airplane I saw your face It's been forever But it don't feel that way Your hand took my hand Like it knew what to do Girl, it's so easy to be with you Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Why we're not in love ♪ Caught up on the coffee Then walk around town Some sidewalk singer was laying it down You started dancin' right there on the curb, Thought to myself man there's somethin' 'bout her Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Why we're not in love ♪ Well I been thinkin' 'bout her Still can't tell ya why All I know is that it's Hard to say goodbye I got on that airplane You got in your car Looked out on that city wondering where you are And if your feeling like me just a little bit sad I already miss you Now what's up with that Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Why we're not in love Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Makes me wonder Why we'er not in love

Liner Notes

Label: Blue Chair Records, LLC / Columbia Nashville

Release Date: Jun 19, 2012

Writer: Kenny Chesney

Writer: Neil Thrasher

Writer: Wendell Mobley

Producer: Buddy Cannon

Producer: Kenny Chesney

Trombone: Chris Dunn

Background Vocals: Craig Wiseman

Piano: Gary Prim

Background Vocals: Grace Potter

Background Vocals: Jaren Johnston

Background Vocals: Jim Chapman

Tenor Saxophone: Jim Horn

Hammond B3 Organ: John Hobbs

Piano: John Hobbs

Synthesizer: John Hobbs

Wurlitzer Electric Piano: John Hobbs

Piano: John Jarvis

Acoustic Guitar: John Willis

Mandolin: John Willis

Background Vocals: Jon Conley

Background Vocals: Josh Osborne

Acoustic Guitar: Kenny Greenberg

Electric Guitar: Kenny Greenberg

Bass: Larry Paxton

Background Vocals: Melonie Cannon

Bass: Michael Rhodes

Jew's Harp: Mickey Raphael

Steel Guitar: Mike Johnson

Piano: Mike Reid

Electric Guitar: Pat Buchanan

Harmonica: Pat Buchanan

Drums: Paul Leim

Percussion: Paul Leim

Shaker: Paul Leim

Hammond B3 Organ: Randy McCormick

Piano: Randy McCormick

Synthesizer: Randy McCormick

Fiddle: Rob Hajacos

Trumpet: Scott Ducaj

Banjo: Scott Vestal

Background Vocals: Shane McAnally

Trumpet: Steve Herrman

Background Vocals: Tim Hensley

Background Vocals: Wyatt Beard

Mastered: Andrew Mendelson

Recording Engineer: Ben Terry

Engineer: Butch Carr

Mastered: Daniel Bacigalupi

Assistant Mix: Drew Bollman

Recording Engineer: Gordon Hammond

Assistant Mix: Guillaume Robert

Recording Engineer: John Netti

Recording Engineer: Justin Francis

Mixed: Justin Niebank

Recording Engineer: Leland Elliott

Recording Engineer: Lowell Reynolds

Recording Engineer: Nathan Yarborough

Mastered: Natthaphol Abhigantaphand

Recording Engineer: Nick Spezia

Recording Engineer: PJ Fenech

Recording Engineer: Paul Bowman

Recording Engineer: Seth Morton

Mastered: Shelley Anderson

Recording Engineer: Sorrel Lavigne

Assistant Mix: Steve Blackmon

Recording Engineer: Taylor Pollert

Recording Engineer: Tony Castle

Credits provided by The Liner Notes Project

ISRC: USBN11000031

Monthly Stats

Times played: 6,062

Total Stats

Times played: 2,395,064

Last update: Apr 14, 2024